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A-Plus has been training drivers for more than 25 years. Our team of certified instructors will teach you the proper techniques you need to become part of the new generation of safe, responsible road users.

Your program includes:

Blended Theory: The first portion is self-paced and done online at your convenience. The second portion is 5 hours of in person classroom training for review and testing purposes.

10 hours of one-on-one behind the wheel in car training

Use of vehicle for the provincial road test when eligible/ready

Certificate for an insurance premium reduction

Free pick-up for in-car instruction within the city limits

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Classroom instruction beings with the Driver's Handbook and the "How to Drive" manual will guide you through the remainder of your theory to prepare you for your in car lessons. It is a Canadian publication and best relates to New Brunswick drivers. Topics covered include:

Traffic laws

Traffic control device

Car control skills and habits

Basic maneuvers

Vision and perception

Managing time and space

Interacting with other users

Adverse driving conditions

Staying fit to drive

Trouble-free and economical driving

Collision avoidance

Defensive driving

In-car instruction consists of 10 hours of one-on-one behind the wheel instruction. For your safety and insurance purposes, all cars are equipped with dual braking systems and mirrors. Some of the skills you will be learning include:

Vehicle familiarization & blind areas

Left and right turns & Steering techniques

One way streets & lane position

Traffic lights

All parking types & backing skills

Stopping positions & 4 ways stops

Highway driving

Lane changing & merging


Space management

Defensive Driving

Thank you, thank you, thank you for teaching my son to drive! You guys are awesome! You were very helpful and professional.

Michelle, Fredericton Parent

Thank you so much to Graeme for giving me the confidence I needed to finally get my license! He has patience and a great sense of humor to make you feel comfortable. He gives excellent instructions while in car and I recommend this company to all future drivers. Especially older drivers like me!


Great teachers and with small classes your questions always get answered. When you're on the road Graeme makes you feel very confident. I would highly recommend these guys over anyone else.

Donald, Saint JohnStudent

FREDERICTON: 506-459-5285 | SAINT JOHN: 506-696-5284